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Be Line Wireless

Be Line Wireless (BLW) is a cooperative formed to provide high speed wireless Internet to rural Iowa. It blends the latest in wireless technology with East Buchanan Telephone’s fifty years of communications experience.

BLW operates under a nationwide FCC registration using 3.65 GHz and does not require you to have a landline/wired phone service.

BLW is primarily designed to provide high speed Internet in your home. You can connect a computer directly to the installed equipment or you can connect a wireless router and provide access to multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, e-readers, tablets, smartphones or any other Wi-Fi enabled device.

BLW is not a mobile service like Iwireless, US Cellular, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc... - But it can certainly compliment your mobile service by providing a less expensive Wi-Fi connection for your smartphone or other Wi-Fi enabled device.

We also plan to offer optional voice service using internet protocol (VoIP) in the near future.

What's New at Be Line Wireless

New Unlimited Data Plans

Be Line Wireless is pleased to announce two new unlimited data plans:

$29.95/mo.     Unlimited Data     3mbps down     2 mbps up
$39.95/mo.     Unlimited Data     6mbps down      4mbps up

Please call our office at 935-3011 or toll free at 1-866-327-2748 to sign up for the above plans.

The new unlimited plans will be applied retroactively to Jan. 29, 2014 if you call before Feb. 25, 2014.

Please note that the measured usage plans remain in place for smaller users. You do not need to call our office if you want to remain on your current measured usage plan.


Right Choice

Be Line is in the process of developing a wireless voice product for your home that will simultaneously ring your cell phone(s). Super Convenient, Extremely Flexible and Very Affordable.

This is a long term project scheduled for release June 30, 2013.

On Line Usage Meter

Be Line Wireless has developed a new on-line usage meter that is available 24/7 and displays your total usage in up to 7 basic categories. Please see the ‘On-Line Services’ to sign up.

New Troy Mills Tower Completed

The new 300’ tower on Troy Mills Blvd. near 290th St. is in service and will reach approx. 350 homes. Please see the 'Getting Started' tab to schedule your free site survey.